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Sleeping on SAFFRON beds

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Sleeping on SAFFRON beds


One night in our bed SAFFRON you definitely will not be enough ...




During your business trip or vacation you will feel relaxed and ready for a new day in full force.



In the production of Saffron beds are used only natural materials. One of the most important - cotton. Its ability to vent and remove heat and moisture causes the less you sweat during sleep.



Dream wit gentility





In the segment of luxury bedding includes horsehair of the best materials that are used in their manufacture. Horse hair have an excellent absorption and ventilation properties. Hollow Horse hair completely away moisture and remain dry immediately. This fast drying feature is indispensable for bed and guarantees a dry sleeping at optimum temperature. Moreover, thanks to its shape act like little springs, which keep the bed still soft and flexible. The great advantage of horsehair and other natural materials used in beds Saffron is incredibly long life.




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