The most favorit meals of our cousine ... 


150 g Sirloin with creamy vegetable sauce, bacon dumpling (1,3,7) 12,00 €

150 g Veal schnitzel, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad (1,3,7) 14,50 €

150 g Pork medallions Jägermeister, potato dumplings (1,3,7) 10,00 €

320 g Baked goose leg, red cabbage with amarelles, potato pancakes (1) 18,00 €

150 g Turkey breast stuffed with asparagus, ham and cheese, cherry sauce, baked potatoes (1,7) 10,00 €

350 g Baked trout with herbs, potato rolls (4) 21,00 €

360 g Baked homemade pierogi stuffed with „bryndza“ cheese, sour cream (1,3,7) 8,00 €


... Soup is included in price ...


Velvety package NARANGHA KIZHI


Length of stay: 3 hours – Price: 55€

Reservation: +421 55 720 10 11


From 1.11.2022 - 31.12.2022 only massages available


An amazing combination of ayurvedic herbal releasing Ashwagandha full body massages and special massage techniques using bags offered by this new package Narang KIZHI. Massage bags are prepared from a mixture of lemon, egg yolks and herb ashwagandha, which is Indian ginseng.  


The first the masseur heats the body with warm towel, then begins to massage the back of the body with herbal oil Ashwagandha. Subsequent to the disclosure of problems accompanied Narang KIZHI bag and squeeze it difficult parts.


Simultaneously with the other hand massages the body with extracts prepared mixture. The same procedure is repeated on the front of the body.


This massage has a positive effect in inflammation, stiffness, pain, slight back pain, muscle weakness, joint stiffness, joint pain, etc. It is particularly useful for mobility issues, neck and shoulders.


During this massage are exceptional egg yolks, which are very nutritious and improve bone strength and muscles and leave your skin silky soft and moisturized.   Massage promotes the process of treating certain diseases, for example osteoarthritis, positive effect on the relaxation of muscle spasms, promotes recovery in sports injuries, relieves pain in depressed areas and chronic back pain, not least softens and improves the overall appearance of the skin.

After massage it is recommended: to visit herbal sauna for 7-10 minutes


Included in price:

  • bathrobe, sheet, slippers, towels

  • SPA presentation made by Ayurvedic staff

  • welcome drink – detoxification drink served to release tension

  • massage pool, herb bath

  • dry sauna, steam sauna, foot hydromassage

  • relax in tepidarium


Following procedures are included in the package:

  • Ayurvedic herbal oil massage of whole body (30 min)

  • Kizhi – regeneration massage with herb bags (30 min)

  • Damayanti – herb steam bath (7-10 min)

  • Relax in tepidarium – relaxation stay in relax room with oxygentherapy


Served with massage:

In RASAJÁNA SPA, as welcome drink, Ayurvedic detoxification drink is offered. It contains ginger, mint, honey and lemon. The drink is not only detoxifying, but also diuretic and it is an excellent prevention of getting a cold or influenza. It is served warm. In case, guests are allergic to any of Ayurvedic detoxification drink ingredients, it is recommended to inform Ayurvedic spa staff about the problem.


Partial contradictions: /massage is not practised on a certain part of body:

  • varicose veins

  • after phlebitis

  • after thrombosis /massage is not practised on affected parts of body/

  • pregnancy, menstruation /massage is not practised on the back and abdomen/


Total contraindications: /massage is not recommended:

  • inflammatory and purulent skin diseases, wounds, rash, big protruding moles, eczema, swelling, bruises

  • infectious diseases, fever, cold, influenza, tonsillitis

  • serious inflammatory diseases

  • fungal infections

  • acute pain lasting less than 3 days

  • oncological diseases

  • enlarged lymph nodes

  • hypertension / low blood pressure

  • the state of drunkenness

  • the state of extreme exhaustion


It is recomended:

  • not to take massage at least 2 hours after main course

  • to inform SPA staff about any of client’s skin allergies or allergy to any substance


We kindly ask our guests to follow these instructions:

  • no swimsuit is required in sauna

  • swimsuit is required in pools and massage bathtub

  • it is prohibited to go in the pool and massage bathtub after massage



Book date and time on: + 421 55 720 10 11, or


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