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Gift voucher to Ayurvedic SPA

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Gift voucher to Ayurvedic SPA

Give an unforgetable experience.

Pleasant relaxing music, hot heats saunas, heated pool, massage whirlpool, miraculous hands of Indian masseurs.

Do you know someone who would resist it?We do not!




DarujteGive this original gift to your relatives, family or friends. Give them present voucher for a 3-hour stay in Ayurvedic SPA.

They can choose one of five Ayurvedic packages.




Only during christmass time you have 20%  discount from the price 50€. 

So don´t hesitate and book your present voucher and buy it for best price till 24th December 2017. 


The official cost of present voucher is 50€.

Christmass discount till 24th December - 20%.


Book your present voucher here 

Call  + 421 55  720 10 11, or +421 911 565 227

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