Wedding on friday

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Wedding on friday

Only with us you will experience the wedding like in a fairy tale. We have three gifts for you


BONUS for FRIDAY, which you can't resist.

A wedding in a winter garden full of greenery, where the atmosphere is completed by a romantic fountain, is the most popular place for a wedding in our city. 
Only with us you will experience a wedding that will be talked about for a long time.



When choosing one of our wedding packages, we give you:


1. Apartment for newlyweds during the wedding night with a voucher to the Indian Ayurvedic spa RASAJÁNA

2. Traditional welcome for newlyweds
Festive toast
Breaking a plate and sweeping fragments

3. Traditional folk wedding dance
We will prepare refreshments for your guests:
Slovak brandy + cupcakes

4. BONUS for friday term

If you choose FRIDAY for your wedding day, you will save the amount for renting the hall! And that's not enough.


Which of the wedding package offer do you choose?

Svadobný balík Sauvage
Svadobný balík Enchanter
Svadobný balík Amour




The wedding information you get + 421 55 720 10 11, or a-mail:

Don´t forget to book apartments for guests.