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Ayurvedic Spa

The Rasajana Spa


RASAJÁNA is a Sanskrit word and it consists of two meanings: RASA is the primary body tissues and...

Ajurvedic massages

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The RASAJÁNA SPA offers a great and the maximum effective whole-bodymassages. Ayurvedic massage...

Ayurvedic packages

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If guests would like complete relaxation, they can choose from a 3-hour ayurvedic treatment...

Special offers

Ayurvedic wellness and massages are OPEN

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Wellness and massages for the public and hotel guests are available!

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Autumn in Košice

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The best price ever! 3 days only for 189€ for couple. Autumn in Košice is wonderful!

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Restaurant is OPEN

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The restaurant is opened! We are looking forward.

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