The most favorit meals of our cousine ... 


150 g Sirloin with creamy vegetable sauce, bacon dumpling (1,3,7) 12,00 €

150 g Veal schnitzel, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad (1,3,7) 14,50 €

150 g Pork medallions Jägermeister, potato dumplings (1,3,7) 10,00 €

320 g Baked goose leg, red cabbage with amarelles, potato pancakes (1) 18,00 €

150 g Turkey breast stuffed with asparagus, ham and cheese, cherry sauce, baked potatoes (1,7) 10,00 €

350 g Baked trout with herbs, potato rolls (4) 21,00 €

360 g Baked homemade pierogi stuffed with „bryndza“ cheese, sour cream (1,3,7) 8,00 €


... Soup is included in price ...


Ayurvedic packages

Ayurvedic packages

Ayurvedic wellness, including massages, is temporarily closed, we will inform you about the reopening in time.



If guests would like complete relaxation, they can choose from a 3-hour ayurvedic treatment packages for a specific problems. One 3-hour package includes entry to the sauna and pool area for a period of 2 hours, where customers can use the following procedures - Agni dry sauna, herbal steam sauna Damayanti, massageshowers Prana, massage shower Narayan, central spa tub, herbal spa tub, ahydromassage feet Falling, outdoor jacuzzi (temporarily out of order), massage and consultation rooms forayurvedic treatment. After this glorious relax come relax for a range of massages and treatments based on the type of package for a period of 1 hour. After massages and treatments we recommend clients visit a herbal steam sauna. 


Detoxication package SPRING NIRVÁNA  


Length of stay: 3 hours – price: 55€

The base of detoxication package is popular ayurvedic massage ABHYANGA and peeling with seasalt scrub and vanilla-patchouli-llavender fragrance. The package is aimed to clean and detofixicate the body in deep.  It helps to stimulate blood circulation, accelarate cell regenaration  and provides velvet smoothness to skin.


Reservation: +421 55 720 10 11, e-mail:



Relaxation Velvety package NARANGA KIZHI 


Lenght of stay: 3 hours - price: 55€

An amazing combination of ayurvedic herbal releasing Ashwagandha full body massages and special massage techniques using bags offered by this new package Narang KIZHI. Massage bags are prepared from a mixture of lemon, egg yolks and herb ashwagandha, which is Indian ginseng.  

The first the masseur heats the body with warm towel, then begins to massage the back of the body with herbal oil Ashwagandha. Subsequent to the disclosure of problems accompanied Narang KIZHI bag and squeeze it difficult parts.


Reservation: +421 55 720 10 11, e-mail:




Releasing package HERBAL KIZHI 


Lenght of stay: 3 hours - price: 55€

Herbal Kizhi Massage is a combination of two effective Ayurvedic massage techniques. The first is a rhythmic full-body massage Abhyanga, which relaxes the body and skin, and helps the active ingredients from heated oil get into deeper levels of the skin. The second technique is massage using herbal bags that are filled with a mixture of Ayurvedic grasses, roots and leaves. The herbal bags are attached to a tense and painful back and cross area and  treat the most stressed and loaded parts of the back.


Reservation: + 421 55 720 10 11, e-mail:





Antistress package SHIRODHARA


Lenght of stay: 3 hours - price: 55€

Kombinácia ájurvédskej uvoľňujúcej masáže celého tela a liečebno – relaxačnej techniky shirodhara, pri ktorej steká prúd teplého oleja na čelo a temeno hlavy ovplyvňuje celkový nervový a hormonálny systém. Jej hlavným cieľom je nastolenie telesnej a duševnej rovnováhy. 



Reservation: +421 55 720 10 11, e-mail:



Relaxing package ABHYANGA


Lenght of stay: 3 hours - price: 55€

Connection ayurvedic full body relaxing massage and facial and head massage. The main effect of this package is to help relax the body, face and mind. Massage have enormous calming effect. The aim of the massage is to eliminate the feelings of stress, Face and head massage in addition also helps against migraine headache. It helps to reduce gentle wrinkles, releases mimic muscles, brightens the complexion and makes it look healthy and vital.


Reservation: +421 55 720 10 11,




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