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Festivity Menu

Festivity Menu


We will prepare for you the most beautiful celebration with a gourmet experience in the beautiful Winter Garden or in one of our elegant lounges, where you will feel really comfortable. Choose a menu from our menu and enjoy great moments with your family or friends.





Package price 29,80 € / 1 pers




≈ 0.1 l Prosecco with pomegranate 


0.1 l Campari with orange juice 


≈ 0.1 l Hubert de Luxe with strawberry 


≈ 0,1 l Martini dry, bianco, rosso 


≈ 0,04 l Jelínek destilate pear with pear 


≈ 0.04 l Dry Sherry 





≈ 80g Carpaccio of yellow melon with Italian ham and mint balsamic dressing 


≈ 80g Smoked duck breast with a tapenade of dried tomatoes and olives on a puff pastry stick 


≈ 60g Goose liver parfait with Tokai jelly and home brioche 


≈ 80g Divine paste with wine jelly and cranberries 


150g Fresh tomatoes with mozzarella and basil pesto 


≈ 120g Ham roll filled with ricotta cheese, roasted pepper and parmesan chips 






≈ 0,4 l Sliced ​​chicken with homemade cuts, plums, vegetables and chicken 


≈ 0,33 l Pea cream with sheep cheese 



Main course


≈ 150g Turkey breast with avocado and sun-dried tomatoes in rice sauce, Pommes Duchesse potatoes 


≈ 150g Turkey breast stuffed with asparagus, cheese and ham in sauce with pieces of cherries and griotka, steamed rice and potato croquettes 


≈ 180g Crispy duck breast in lemon honey sauce with grilled vegetables and potatoes Anna 


≈ 200g Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and chicken breast stuffed with beef, Dutch sauce, baked potato stuffed with ratatouille vegetables 


≈ 200g Pork chateaubriand on grilled zucchini with wild mushrooms, stuffed potatoes with rosemary butter 


≈ 210g Three types of roasted meat, chicken breast baked with eggplant and mozzarella, pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and beef sirloin with avocado in demi-glás sauce, stuffed potatoes with tomato ragout, steamed rice 


≈ 240g Baked stuffed zucchini with vegetable ragout and cheese, baked potatoes Pommes Duchesse 





≈ 160g Chocolate mousse with raspberry 


≈ 180g Almond Royal with vanilla ice cream 


≈ 180g Cheese cake with forest fruits 




Extended package offer 16,20 € / 1 pers


Welcome drink


≈ 0.1l Hubert (dry, semi-dry, sweet) Served on arrival for incoming guests 



Salted pastry


≈ Salted pastry of homemade peasants (osschark, potato) 


≈ Homemade sticks from the leaves (raccoons, raw, salted) 



Warm buffet - Individually or in combination with a cold buffet


≈ 150g Deer ragout on wine with bacon dumplings 


≈ 140g Roasted chicken legs with honey - lime marinade, roasted potatoes with grilled vegetables 


≈ 80g Cocktail chicken and pork cuts fried in trilobal sauce with potato salad 


≈ 300g Homemade "Spišké pirohy" - dumplings stuffed wit sheep cheese and potatoes 




Cold buffet - Individually or in combination with a hot buffet


250g plates with rolls:


≈ 30g Raw Combinations with Ham and Olives


≈ 40g Ham-foam roll 


≈ 50g Chicken roll with asparagus 


≈ 50g Chicken roll with broccoli and carrots 


≈ 50g Debrecen pork tenderloin stuffed with sausage 


≈ 50g Pork galantine stuffed with spinach and huligan 


≈ 50g Stuffed egg with egg yolk 


≈ 60 g stuffed tomatoes with ham


 Fruit decoration


≈ Vegetable decoration


≈ Pastry 





For more information contact our manager - Ing. Radoslav Groman