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Rooms for celebration


Winter Garden

RESERVATION HERE+421 55 720 10 11


Wedding in the Winter Garden is a great alternative of weddings in nature. The atmosphere of green scenery, natural materials and sunroof induce the right romantic atmosphere. Winter Garden has a capacity of 60 seats, and is the most requested wedding hall in Košice.


Congress Hall

RESERVATION HERE+421 55 720 10 11


Congress Hall has a seating capacity up to 110 persons. Is tuned in natural tones and looks very elegant and magnificent. Beautiful, trendy wedding decoration and spacious dance floor are the dominates of the Congress Hall. The hall is equipped with professional air conditioning. Parking is available in front of Congress Hall at Štefániková street.

Tuscan Garden

RESERVATION HERE+421 55 720 10 11


Tuscan garden has seating capacity up to 40 people. It is tuned in natural tones, evokes the atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside. Romantic idyll of the garden adds smoldering fireplace, stone cladding and forged clock. It looks very elegant and magnificent. Trendy wedding decoration only adds its hallmark of perfect wedding halls. Tuscan Gardens is also air conditioned.


Gallery Lounge

RESERVATION HERE+421 55 720 10 11


Gallery Lounge has a seating capacity of 30 people. Its equipment works cleanly, elegantly and magnificent. Beautiful wedding decoration will highlight exceptional atmosphere of the lounge and it becomes an elegant, comfortable wedding space.




French Lounge

RESERVATION HERE+421 55 720 10 11


French lounge atmosphere will introduce their guests into the French countryside, where they aspire to enjoy a bottle of quality wine and unforgettable gourmet specialties. French lounge has a capacity of 24 persons and i tis a non smoking part of restaurant GOLDEN ROYAL. In French lounge can be found a high-speed internet connection as well.