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The Rasajana Spa

The Rasajana Spa

RASAJÁNA is a Sanskrit word and it consists of two meanings: RASA is the primary body tissues and JÁNA is the the correct motion. Simply said the correct physical exercise leads to the recovery of initial tissue. Therefore, the most important part of RASAJÁNA are massages, that stimulates blood circulation and their frequency has rejuvenating and regenerative effects.

In Ayurvedic Spa RASAJÁNA we offer: Agni dry sauna, steam sauna Damayanti, Prana massage showers, massage shower Narayan, central massage pool, herbal massage pool, hydro-foot falls PADA, outdoor jacuzzi, massage and counseling rooms for Ayurvedic Therapies.


Opening Hours




4 PM - 10 PM 


10 AM - 10 PM 



Pricelist / saunas and pools /   

2 hours entrance: 18 € / person / 2 hours

Entry possible 15 years and over.

Prices and description of the massages and packages can be found in a separate sections.

Ayurvedic massages


The RASAJÁNA SPA offers a great  and the maximum effective whole-bodymassages. Ayurvedic massage is usually relaxing, oil, no pressure. There are usedexclusively Indian ayurvedic preparations, oils, powders, scrubs from purely naturalsources. Massages provide professional Indian Ayurvedic therapists. After eachmassage we recommend a visit to a herbal steam sauna, for better effect. Overviewand description of the massages can be found in a separate section "Ayurvedic massages"


Ayurvedic 3-hours packages

If guests would like complete relaxation, they can choose from a 3-hour ayurvedic treatment packages for a specific problems. One 3-hour package includes entry to the sauna and pool area for a period of 2 hours, where customers can use the following procedures - Agni dry sauna, herbal steam sauna Damayanti, massageshowers Prana, massage shower Narayan, central spa tub, herbal spa tub, ahydromassage feet Falling, outdoor jacuzzi, massage and consultation rooms forayurvedic treatment. After this glorious relax come relax for a range of massages and treatments based on the type of package for a period of 1 hour. After massages and treatments we recommend clients visit a herbal steam sauna. Overview and description of the packages can be found in a separate section "Ayurvedic  3-hours packages"

Special offers

Ayurvedic wellness and massages are OPEN

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Wellness and massages for the public and hotel guests are available!

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Autumn in Košice

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The best price ever! 3 days only for 189€ for couple. Autumn in Košice is wonderful!

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Restaurant is OPEN

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The restaurant is opened! We are looking forward.

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