The most favorit meals of our cousine ... 


150 g Sirloin with creamy vegetable sauce, bacon dumpling (1,3,7) 12,00 €

150 g Veal schnitzel, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad (1,3,7) 14,50 €

150 g Pork medallions Jägermeister, potato dumplings (1,3,7) 10,00 €

320 g Baked goose leg, red cabbage with amarelles, potato pancakes (1) 18,00 €

150 g Turkey breast stuffed with asparagus, ham and cheese, cherry sauce, baked potatoes (1,7) 10,00 €

350 g Baked trout with herbs, potato rolls (4) 21,00 €

360 g Baked homemade pierogi stuffed with „bryndza“ cheese, sour cream (1,3,7) 8,00 €


... Soup is included in price ...


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Valentine´s dinner

Special offers

Valentine´s dinner


Are looking for the most beautiful and most original gift for Valentine's Day?


Experience gourmet dinner with delicious food and great wine accompanied by romantic piano tones.


Do you think about the most romantic Valentine? We'll give you a really nice tip!

"Noble, elegant prepared table just for you,
romantic piano music,
sinful good food and honest coctails".



Valentine's Day  is on tuesday - 14/2/2022.









Valentine´s menu

For Ladies




110g/ Cheese roll in seaweed with dried tomatoes and olives, walnut crust (1,3,4,7,8)

(we recommend a Cosmopolitan drink or a non-alcoholic Crodino Royal drink)


Main course

150g/ White fish with wine sauce, Romanesque and cauliflower, interlaced potatoes with butter (4.7)
(we recommend the Romeo and Juliet drink, or the non-alcoholic Liči Fresh drink)



150g/ White chocolate cake with cherry topping (1,3,7)

(we recommend Peach Beauty drink)




For gentleman



80g/ Turkey liver pate with port jelly and plum chutney (8)
(we recommend a Negroni Frutti drink or a non-alcoholic Crodino Royal drink)


Main course

200 g/ Beef slice stewed on root vegetables and merlotte, celery puree, baked Parisian potatoes (7)

(we recommend the Sex on the Beach drink or the non-alcoholic Liči Fresh drink)



Dezert: 140g/ Krémeš s ovocím a  hoblinami čokolády  (1,3,7,8)

(odporúčame drink Bolzano )


Menu price 79 € for couple








Coctail´s Menu 

Cost 6,50€ per coctail


Aperitif drinks



(Vodka, Cointreau, brusnicový džús, limetka)


Negroni Frutti 

(Gin, Campari, Martini Rosso, pomaranč)


Nealko drink - Crodino Royal

(Crodino, Orange spritz Monin, sóda)

Drinks with the main course


Rómeo a Júlia

(Bols peach, ananásový džús, grenadína, prosecco)


Sex on the beach

(Vodka, Bols peach, grenadína,  pomarančový džús)



(Vodka, grep, limetka, trstinový cukor)


Nealko drink - Liči fresh

(Liči sirup, grepový džús, sóda)

Drinks to desserts drinks

Peach Beauty

(Malibu, Bols peach, smotana, pomarančový džús, grenadína)



(Vodka, grepový džús, Cointreau, Martini Bianco)




What can you enjoy?

***A beautifully decorated Valentine's table just for you***

***Fantastic dinner with delicious specialties***

***Delicate coctails***

***Live Piano Music***




For reservation call +421 55 720 10 11, +421 911 565 227 or write e-mail










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