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Detoxication package SPRING NIRVÁNA

jarna-nirvana-mala-copy.jpgLength of stay: 3 hours – Price: 60€

Reservation: +421 55 720 10 11


NIRVÁNA is mainly detoxicant and slimming massage, which helps to wake up all sleepy cells in our body after the long winter period. This massage reduces symptoms of cellulite, perfectly detoxicate, firm up and smooth out the whole skin and simultaneously make better musculosceletal system.


It interconnects detoxicate effect with help of indian oil Ashwagandha and cinnamon oil in combination with stimulating methods of massage, which are mainly concentrated on problematic parts of body which are affected by cellulite.

The use of indian oil Ashwagandha and cinnamon oil perfectly affects warming through the skin, expends veins and eliminates fat in places of cellulite.

NIRVÁNA fulfils all expectations, your skin will be soft and smoothed and above all will be detoxified.


After the massage is followed by peeling with sea salt, honey, lemon and cinnamon, which perfectly purified dead cells of your skin and the skin remains smooth, even and especially detoxified.

After massage it is recommended: to visit herbal sauna for 7-10 minutes


Included in price:

  • bathrobe, sheet, slippers, towels

  • SPA presentation made by Ayurvedic staff

  • welcome drink – detoxification drink served to release tension

  • massage pool, herb bath

  • dry sauna, steam sauna, foot hydromassage


Following procedures are included in the package:

  • Abhyanga – ayurvedic full body oil massage (35 minutes)

  • Peeling with seasalt, honey and lemon (25 minutes)

  • Damayanti – herb steam bath (7-10 min)

  • Relax in tepidarium – relaxation stay in relax room with oxygentherapy


Served with massage:

In RASAJÁNA SPA, as welcome drink, Ayurvedic detoxification drink is offered. It contains ginger, mint, honey and lemon. The drink is not only detoxifying, but also diuretic and it is an excellent prevention of getting a cold or influenza. It is served warm. In case, guests are allergic to any of Ayurvedic detoxification drink ingredients, it is recommended to inform Ayurvedic spa staff about the problem.


Partial contradictions: /massage is not practised on a certain part of body/

  • varicose veins

  • after phlebitis

  • after thrombosis /massage is not practised on affected parts of body/

  • pregnancy, menstruation /massage is not practised on the back and abdomen/


Total contraindications: /massage is not recommended/

  • inflammatory and purulent skin diseases, wounds, rash, big protruding moles, eczema, swelling, bruises

  • infectious diseases, fever, cold, influenza, tonsillitis

  • serious inflammatory diseases

  • fungal infections

  • acute pain lasting less than 3 days

  • oncological diseases

  • enlarged lymph nodes

  • hypertension / low blood pressure

  • the state of drunkenness

  • the state of extreme exhaustion


It is recommended:

  • not to take massage at least 2 hours after main course

  • to inform SPA staff about any of client’s skin allergies or allergy to any substance


We kindly ask our guests to follow these instructions:

  • no swimsuit is required in sauna

  • swimsuit is required in pools and massage bathtub

  • it is prohibited to go in the pool and massage bathtub after massage



Book date and time on: + 421 55 720 10 11, or


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